Targeted Services

Targeted Services is a state-funded program that serves students in grades K-8 in extended day and summer programs that are designed to build skills in reading, math and writing, as well as help students develop better organizational and social skills.

School-year programs are held at a student’s assigned school of attendance. Days of the week, time of the day and length of the sessions will vary from school site to school site. Each school schedule is designed to best support the programming of the regular school day.

Curriculum focuses on enhancing reading, math and social skills. Instructors are licensed teachers and have received training in the curriculum used within the program. 

Teaching in a fun way with a ratio of 13:1.


  • Builds collaboration between the ALC, school and community
  • Creates family connections
  • Programming helps students feel good about themselves
  • Attendance rates increase and truancy decreases
  • Fosters students' interest in school
  • Decreases behavioral instances
  • Provides a safe environment
  • Stimulates creativity among staff
  • Increases student performance/academic achievement
  • Reinforces and supplements the daytime curriculum
  • New and different educational opportunities address individual learning styles
  • Increases in academic performance will decrease the likelihood a student will drop out of school in later years

Students are identified for Targeted Services through a three-tiered model of instructional support called Response to Intervention (RtI). All students placed in tiers 2 and 3 are targeted and encouraged to attend Targeted Services.

Teacher input is also taken into consideration when identifying students.

Parents/Guardians will be notified by the school if their child is a candidate for Targeted Services.